Inside/Outside: The Soul

That crushing of the ribs,
Into your lungs, your heart.
That enveloping blackness that seeps through every aspect of your soul.

But is it your soul?
Is that to what the darkness is clinging?
Or is that just wishful thinking?
This idea of a soul that is you; before and after. And even after that.

The melodramatic musings of the weak.
They come out in your voice no matter how you want to hide.
The overwhelming, need, desire, need for some kind of understanding.
But from someone who lives above their emotions, away from their soul.

But is it their soul?
Is that what they’re running from?
Or is that just simplistic thinking?
This idea that every part of you should seep through your soul, that is you; before and after.

Maybe the person comes before their soul in a self righteous, egotistical plea to separate itself from pain

But then, there are more then just us two.
There is more than living within or without, beneath the soul or above it.
So we bridge the gap. Become one in the same shade of gray.

Become one soul, living for now.


About laurengowing

I read prose. I write prose. I don't really read poetry, but sometimes I write it.
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