The Fear that Screams

Fear screaming out through the eyes.
The terrified soul sneaking to the outside world,
Making itself known,
“You will not hide behind hiding anymore.”
So you show yourself, you become aware of every moment.
Of every joy and every sorrow.
And everyone will know your truth: that life can be so hard and you can’t even explain why.
And they will pull away.  And they will yell.  And they will scream.  And they will hate you.  And they will disrespect you.  And they will never ever understand you.  And they will give up on you.  And then they will leave.
And then they will leave.
But alone is where the fear started, so alone the fear wins.
“You were wrong and are wrong and will always be wrong.  I will never leave you.”
And it doesn’t lie.  It may lie about most things, but about this alone it is always true.
He will always be with you.



About laurengowing

I read prose. I write prose. I don't really read poetry, but sometimes I write it.
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